Klenovica is located nine kilometers south of Novi Vinodolski. This is a little fishing village that gave great honor to the sea and its fisherman. For people in Klenovica sea equals life. The best testimony of that connection is living statue of a fisherman in the port. Today, Klenovica is already known as a tourist resort, ideal for rest and recreation which main characteristic is the purity of the sea and landscape. In the past, judging by the number of seining, tuna fishing was the most important form of fishing in this area.

Evidence about that are returned tuners that were removed in 1950-ies. They are the symbol of the hard life of fishermen and sailors. One of them is located on the island of St. Anthony which appears as a peninsula because locals have unloaded huge Grote stonesthe path towards it. In this way beaches in Klenovica are protected from the impact of the sea and strong winds in the winter months.

The vegetation in Klenovica is characterized by barrenness of the terrain by enclaves of degraded karst grove chub, oak, white and red elm and black ash. You will smell black pine that is in this area artificially raised. On the north side Klenovica kept forested hinterland, and attracts tourist resorts in the area Krmpota. If your path takes you towards, visit the hinterland with beautiful vantage points that will surely win.

” One can rightly say that tourism has transformed this region, raised the standard of living and transform the culture of the people of this region, opened new perspectives that were fifty years ago could not even dream ”.

Zvonko Klalanj / excerpt from the book Proceedings Vinodolski, Klenovica – the genesis and development.

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